Frequently asked questions

Are there set up charges and if so, how much?

There are no set up charges for connectivity or implementation for all standard e-commerce platform integrations. Simply send us your itinerary, SKU range and product information and we will look after the rest - from product photography to product catalogue creation.

How quickly will my products dispatch and how will I know?

We always use the best suited courier services that align with your brand requirements and cost parameters. All delivery reports are shared for transparency, easy reference and peace of mind.

Can I use my own courier accounts or are there benefits in using P+G preferred logistics partners?

We can work options around all of your logistical needs and requirements, from simple UK B2C to large International Wholesale Shipments. We can happily integrate your shipping accounts. Using our own shipping accounts is more efficient in terms of platform management for ourselves, plus you may benefit from our bulk purchase discounted rates.

Can P+G environmental credentials be used in conjunction with my own?

Yes of course, we believe in a collaborative working partnership and an open sharing of environmental assets and credentials. At the on-boarding stage we will give you a full breakdown of your e-com packaging environmental status and we can help you to develop and improve these credentials along the journey.